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Dear Sir/Madam,

When in 1999 I started to run my own business, I did not have any exactly formed aims excluding activity to earn. Developing my professional skills, I realized myself I had made that to inquire for politics of local companies placed on Lower Silesian just like:

  • monopolization based on “market power” instead of substance and technological validity,
  • bringing down importance clerical workers to labors position with computer mouse instead of pickaxe.

It was the order of the day to create some kinds of teams organized like military units. There existed, inside of them, the thinking limited to the bytes counting instead of the wide aspects of the intellectual work being the creation act which needed another control structure than traditional, hierarchical model contained workers as bright machines.

As Jeremy Rifkin’s research pointed, the technological jobless was caused by the development of telecommunication and IT-technology which brought about the changes in management and marketing to flat and multitasking structures.

In Poland, this kind of modifications has never taken place, well clients were paying for setting up and supporting the office building of “Local Microsofts” and inept, vertical, organization structure full of directors. This one turned out prodigal object in IT industry consisted of the high level of the “know how” wise.

We should add to this bag unprepared managers, because there does not exist IT project management majors, which make the people able to coordinate works programmers and consultants, to bring home to us the size of the problem!

There rouse, on the west, the market of independent consulting, being the response for that difficulties apart from IT firms rebuilding. Those consultants have sold and implemented solutions based on the knowledge which was the force in modern economy more important than capital, since that time.

The experience of those adventurous people is very often expressed in different kind of publications like Joel Spolsky’s manifest on his web site or in books about informatics projects or in mobile implementing, programming firms. There are many examples: Bob Roselman, Jeff Webb, Gene Schwarzfager, Eric Smith. Those people worked closely with Bill Gates. I do not try comparing me to them but I passed school learning life in different “local microsofts” and I know that business very well.

In Poland Independent Consulting is in infancy and is creating its future now. I think that single initiatives in our country are the envy of “local microsofts” but will remain a life forever. This envy is, for example, the lack of objective criteria of evaluation at certificate exams. I hope that you will support the independent consulting by using its cheap but good quality service.

Piotr Jedynak

This everything together, named and unnamed, dealing with Microsoft and its skirmish with government, points that Microsoft Windows suppresses in fact our human possibilities.

Stanis³aw Lem
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